Embedd allows you to display reddit and/or HackerNews comments on your website. The intended use case is for blogs and product pages, although it is configurable enough for other cases.

All API queries happen in the browser so you don't have to rely on a separate third party (other than reddit and HackerNews). I am hosting the file at but it will work just the same if you download the code and host it yourself.

You can get started right now by adding the following script tag to your website.

<script src=""></script>

The default behavior is to search reddit and HackerNews for all posts that link to the URL of the current page. For each reddit and HackerNews, if there are multiple threads with comments it will merge them together in a single thread. If your post has been posted in both places there will be a button to toggle between the views. It will default to showing reddit comments first.


There are various configuration options you can set to alter the behavior as stated above.

Here is an example with all possible configuration options set.

<script src="">
        "url": "",
        "element": "#embeddSection",
        "dark": true,
        "both": false,
        "service": "hn",
        "loadMore": false,
        "infiniteScroll": true,
        "limit": 10,
        "debug": true

url: (default: current URL) The url option will use the URL that is passed as the search query for reddit and/or HackerNews.

element: (default: a new DOM element is created) The element option allows you to use a custom DOM element for containing the generated HTML. It accepts strings in the form of a query selector, e.g "#embeddSection" or ".commentSection .hnComments".

dark: (default: false) The dark option will enable the dark theme. This is optimal for sites with a dark background.

both: (default: true) The both option is for only displaying comments from a single service. If service is not set, setting this option will default to only display reddit comments.

service: (default: "reddit") The service option sets which service to display comments from on page load. Possible options are "reddit" and "hn".

limit: (default: 5) The limit option sets how many top-level comments to display at a time. Setting limit to 0 will display all top-level comments.

loadMore: (default: true) The loadMore option toggles whether or not to display a "Load More" button. (works in conjunction with the limit option.)

infiniteScroll: (default: false) Setting this to true will enable infinite scrolling, where more comments will be loaded as you reach the end of the section. (works in conjunction with the limit option.)

debug: (default: false) Setting this to true will enable some useful data to log out to the console.